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Campo Viejo Ecologico


Campo Viejo carries on its commitment to the environment resulting in an innovative wine that respects the surrounding natural environment: Campo Viejo Ecológico

Campo Viejo Ecologico

It is a result of the work that the brand has been undertaking since the creation of its new “Bodega” in 2001: its new winery to promote sustainable development. This innovation is another proof of Campo Viejo’s commitment to biodiversity, illustrated by its ambitious action plan for the “Bodega”.

Campo Viejo Ecologico has been made in accordance with the rules of organic production. It promotes the utilization of nature’s own resources in a rational and sustainable manner. Every aspect is controlled in each stage of the production process, ensuring traceability and quality.

This wine is easily recognisable for its deep cherry-red, and its nose is flooded with red fruit flavors.

The label of the new release is inspired by 50 species of butterflies that inhabit the estate surrounding the winery, which serve as environmental bioindicators.

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