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Absolut introduces the Andy Warhol Edition, a new limited edition


On October 1, four million Absolut bottles are to be introduced around the world in a limited-edition look that transforms Warhol’s original artwork into a limited edition range of bottles. 

Absolut introduces the Andy Warhol Edition

In 1985 Andy Warhol became the first artist commissioned to create a portrait of the Absolut Vodka bottle in what would become one of the most successful advertising campaigns of the twentieth century. He was the first artist to create an original artwork for the brand saying, "I love the bottle, I want to do something…".

By transforming the original painting onto the bottle shape, Absolut is allowing anyone to bring home their very own Warhol.

To support the launch of this limited edition bottle, Absolut is presenting two innovative concepts: Warhol Spirit by Absolut, an art and nightlife experience, inspiring audiences, as well as Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut, which invites audiences to join in on the creative process by making their own art.


Warhol Spirit by Absolut

In celebration of the new Andy Warhol Edition, Absolut will organize a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience in NYC. During the event, DJ A-Trak and experimental EVP artist Leif Elggren will work together to transform sound waves originating from “Warhol’s spirit” into a live collaboration. Through this truly unique experience, Absolut seeks to inspire audiences to realize anything is possible through creativity.


The Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut

From 1st October, Absolut also invites people from around the world to unleash their creative spirits and enter The Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut – which Absolut aims to become the world’s largest online art exchange. Users can participate by submitting or creating a piece of digital art, and will get one in return from another participant somewhere in the world. At absolut.com/warholspirit, Absolut provides easy-to-use generative art tools, enabling anyone to be an artist.

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