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Entreprendre, the 100% digital magazine of Pernod Ricard’s culture


Entreprendre, the digital magazine of Pernod Ricard’s culture for over 30 years, is now available online at entreprendre.pernod-ricard.com. Dive into it and find out about the “Hometainment” phenomenon on this new interactive version.

Entreprendre Pernod Ricard

Launched in 1983 for Pernod Ricard’s shareholders, Entreprendre magazine has experienced ongoing change to follow the Group's evolution but also to reach a much broader external audience. Now 100% digital, it falls within the Group’s digital acceleration effort in order to better meet the expectations of its broad audience. The magazine keeps exploring the main issues related to Pernod Ricard and the wines and spirits industry by giving voice to experts and opinion leaders. Reports, interviews, analyses: the reading experience is enhanced in order to value diversity of opinion.

In order to better meet the interests of its users, the magazine that offers “another viewpoint on conviviality” now gives them a chance to vote for the subjects of the next issue every quarter. 

This summer, users voted for “Hometainement” as the main subject in issue #59. Made up of the words “Home” and “Entertainment”, this new phenomenon illustrates the recent trend towards coming back home as the place to express and share conviviality. 

Entreprendre offers an exploration of societal, behavioral, and urban changes that transform our moments of sharing, through the words of architect Beatriz Ramo, one of the planners of the Grand Paris, food sociologist Jean-Pierre Corbeau, and Breakthrough Innovation Group’s Director Alain Dufossé. A report with a home chef seasoned with a data visualization complete the contents of this new issue.  



Find out about Hometainment and vote for the main subject of the next issue at 


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