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Royal Salute : Where power meets grace


The Polo Player & the Horse Whisperer

Royal Salute

A magnified allegory of what the true style of Royal Salute is about: the only Scotch whisky where Power of Nature meets the Grace of Craftsmen

An allegory ready to convey the myth behind Royal Salute,

An allegory ready to touch Neo-Aristocrats’ heart,

An allegory ready to elevate Royal Salute to a new pinnacle of luxury.


Digital stories of Power and Grace 

Royal Salute is proud to present Stories of Power & Grace. ‘The Polo Player & the Horse Whisperer’ is inspired by the power and grace of horses. It focuses on two very different characters:

Facundo Pieres, a world-leading polo player, and Jean-Francois Pignon, a horse whisperer from rural France. 

At first these men seem at opposite ends of the equine spectrum, but we soon discover that they share the same incredible ability to communicate with horses.


Matured for a minimum of 21 years in oak casks, Royal Salute harnesses the raw power of nature. Then masterfully blended with the wisdom of four generations, every drop is refined by the grace of men. Intense and exquisite Royal Salute is the taste of Power and Grace.

Everything we do is a celebration of power and grace. Our just released new design complements with a modern look for our iconic 21 Year Old expression that alludes to the power and grace of our range. We are proud to present a bottle that today’s whisky connoisseurs, collectors and discerning drinkers alike will appreciate. 

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