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The YAC travels to the One Young World Summit


The YAC (Youth Action Council) was founded by a group of young Pernod Ricard employees who attended the 2013 One Young World Summit in Johannesburg, and came back with the idea of setting up a committee that would be the voice of the younger generations to the Group’s Top Management. The YAC is sponsored by Alexandre Ricard and Pernod Ricard University.

The YAC travels to the One Young World Summit

The YAC and the Group's entrepreneurship culture

The first opportunity to meet in person for the YAC members came on October 6/7 when they were invited to attend Les Embiez@Reims, Pernod Ricard’s Top Management Seminar. Six of them were able to make the trip and honored to present on stage the link between the YAC and the Group’s Entrepreneurship culture: acting fast and creatively to deliver projects that would be initiated by the Youth, delivering shared value to the entire Group. There, the names of the nine top managers who would become mentors to the YAC were also announced: Anna Malmhake (CEO, Irish Distillers), Ian Fitzsimons (General Counsel, PR Holding), Conor McQuaid (Group Marketing & Commercial Development Director, PR Holding), Bryan Fry (CEO, PR USA), Constanza Bertorello (HR Director, PR Argentina), Noel Adrian (Chairman & CEO, PR Mexico) , Pierre-Yves Calloch (General Manager, PR Colombia), André Hémard (VP CSR, PR Holding) and Vanessa Wright (Global Communication Director, MMPJ).   

The YAC members attend the 2014 One Young World Summit

The YAC members then flew to Dublin to attend the 2014 One Young World Summit (OYW). OYW is a preeminent global forum which gathers young leaders (18-30 yo) from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. With counsellors such as Kofi Annan, Professor Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize and pioneer of microcredit and microfinance), Bob Geldof, Mary Robinson (former President of the Republic of Ireland), CEOs of large profit and not-for-profit organizations (Unilever, Wikipedia, etc.), the 4-day conference covered all the key world issues such as Human Rights, International Conflicts, Climate Change, Gender inequality, Sustainability, Circular Economy, and Social Entrepreneurship. With more than 1,300 young delegates from around the world, a total of 180 countries were represented at the Summit – the only event with more countries is The Olympics! 

As one of sponsoring organizations, Pernod Ricard hosted an external workshop at Irish Distillers with CEO Anna Malmhake on the topic of “Supporting our Communities” and participated to an internal workshop on “Sustainability, Innovation, and Youth in Business” with YAC Member Amandine Robin. 

You can watch replay of the presentations and speeches on the One Young World YouTube channel. Below were some of the key highlights of the conference: 

Concepts of Circular Economy 

Peace and Conflict Resolution 

Sustainable Living 

Testimony of a North Korean woman who escaped 


One Young World had a big impact on the YAC members, putting into perspective their day-to-day issues. The one week summit ended on Saturday night but was only a beginning as YAC members stayed for an additional day in Ireland to meet on Sunday at the Butchers (a Jameson unique speakeasy-type venue used for Bartenders educational events) to share thoughts and discuss about the role and objective of the YAC: 

“We are a diverse entrepreneurial group who amplifies the voice of the Youth at Pernod Ricard to create shared value for the Youth, our business and our communities”.

The YAC members then openly brainstormed ideas they could implement as quickly and creatively as possible at Pernod Ricard, small and big, from Education to Community involvement and Environment. Projects will soon be decided and the YAC has one year to deliver on them! 

Elected last July in a global open vote on Chatter, the 2014 YAC members, representing all Pernod Ricard functions, are:

•Lide Aguirrezabalaga Unamuno: Human Resources Specialist, PR Spain (Spanish)

•Diego Cantu: Operations Project Coordinator, PR Mexico (Mexican)

•Louis Chaignaud: Brand Development Manager Olmeca, PR Mexico (French)

•Laura Hogan: Assistant Brand Manager, PR Australia (Irish)

•Michael Joo: Digital Architect, PR Winemakers (Australian)

•Oksana Kostiv: Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, PR Russia (Russian)

•Amandine Robin: Director – Communications, PR & CSR, Corby Spirit and Wine (French/Canadian)

•Yapa Thepkanjana: Assistant Legal Manager, PR Asia (Thai)

•Anna Wisniewska: Financial Control Manager, TAC (Polish)

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