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Pernod Ricard awarded for its CSR approach


Becoming N°1 of the wine and spirits industry: from an ambition to a reality in Corporate Social Responsibility.


Without responsibility, there is no leadership. For many years, Pernod Ricard has been strengthening and developing its CSR Model, and has been conducting concrete actions to reach this ambition. Today, our actions are recognized for their quality and efficiency by Vigeo, a major player among the CSR rating agencies has awarded Pernod Ricard’s CSR approach and performance by ranking the Group 1st in the beverage industry.

A perfect illustration of our CSR engagement is the “Truckers Eye & Health camp” run by Pernod Ricard India.

For several years now, Pernod Ricard India has run a Program called “Truckers Eye & Health camp”. The latest camp was set near to Mumbai, one of the largest cargo handling ports in India, from December 15th to 18th to provide health and eye care to truck-drivers.
Pernod Ricard India is working with Doctors to check the eyes of truck drivers and to provide counseling about eyes care. Drivers with an impaired vision are given free eyeglass. 

The company uses this opportunity to raise truck-drivers’ awareness on the danger of drink-driving. To reinforce the message, family photographs are placed on the truck dashboards with a “Don’t Drink and Drive” message which constantly reminds the driver about its responsibility towards its family. 
Over  2000 Truck Drivers have been registered at the camp.
This initiative has a strong impact on local community, and is recognized by local authorities. 
Dinesh Bakshi's speech
Eye checkup
Distribution of specs
Eye checkup

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