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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus in Pernod Ricard's constant quest for improvement. The Group has risen to the challenge of reconciling financial efficiency, respect for stakeholders, environmental protection, consumer protection and cultural awareness.

The Pernod Ricard code for commercial communications

Created in 2007 by Pernod Ricard for its marketing teams and marketing agencies, the code for commercial communications is to ensure the strict rules of ethics and communication.


PERNOD RICARD has adopted this provision as its own internal code which will apply to all its advertising around the world in compliance with local regulations or codes.

It is recognized that excessive or irresponsible consumption of Beverages may have personal, social or health consequences. The purpose of this Code is to ensure that commercial communications do not encourage or condone excessive consumption or misuse of any kind. 



Commercial Communications are defined herein as: “All brand advertising or marketing communications to consumers regardless of the medium used (e.g. print, broadcast media, labeling, packaging, internet, new technologies and sponsorship) and including consumer and trade promotion, merchandising and point of sale material.”

Commercial Communications do not include non-advertising materials or statements to the media, government agencies or the public about issues of societal concern such as the risks or benefits related to the consumption of Beverages and educational messages about responsible drinking or the role of alcohol in society.



Commercial communications must :

• be legal, decent, honest and truthful and conform to accepted principles of fair competition and good business practice;

• be prepared with a due sense of social responsibility and be based on principles of fairness and good faith;

• not in any circumstances be unethical or otherwise impugn human dignity and integrity.


The Code carries many specific provisions not to associate alcohol consumption with inappropriate situations such as driving, hazardous activities, physical performance, social or sexual success, health effects, minors… It includes comprehensive digital guidelines and requirements to ensure responsible product innovation. 

A Responsible Marketing Panel reporting to the Group  Executive committee  ensures that all Pernod Ricard commercial communications comply with the code. 

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