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Partnership with Erasmus Student Network


Renewal of the partnership with Erasmus Student Network

Partnership with Erasmus Student Network

26th of January, in Brussels : for the 5th consecutive year, Pernod Ricard has renewed its partnership with the student organization Erasmus Student Network (ESN),
in charge of the exchange abroad at the EU level.
The new agreement has been signed by Alexandre Ricard and reinforces the collaboration between Pernod Ricard and ESN, collaboration existing since 2010.

Erasmus Partnesrhip

Responsible Party aims at promoting responsible consumption of alcohol during student parties through awareness campaigns based on the peer to peer approach.
Since 2010, responsible parties have been organized in more than 28 EU countries. In total, it is more than 175 000 students reached during those parties.

The main messages of conveyed to the participants of these parties are:

- moderate consumption
- don't drink and drive
- don't imitate your friends
- eat before the party
- alternate with soft drinks.

Besides, this initiative got a good recognition at the European level but also at the local level.

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