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2015 General Shareholders'Meeting

Information and documents concerning the 2015 General Shareholders' Meeting

2015 General Shareholders'Meeting

2015 General Shareholders' Meeting 

Friday, 6 November 2015 at 2pm (Paris time)
Palais des Congrès
2, place de la Porte Maillot 
75017 Paris


- Agenda, presentation and draft resolutions
Notice of meeting AGM 06.11.2015
- Notice of meeting published in the BALO of 2 October 2015 (Document in French)
- Notice published in Les Echos of 2 October 2015 (Document in French)
- Voting form AGM 6 November 2015
- Request for documents AGM 6 November 2015


- Financial statements 2014-2015
- Consolidated financial statements 2014-2015
- Management report 2014-2015
- Report of the Chairman of the Board of Directors on Corporate Governance and Internal Control
- Report on the share buyback programme
- Summary table of the financial authorisations and delegations
- Number of shares and voting rights as of 2 October 2015 (notice of meeting)
- Information relating to Directors
- Presentation of the directors whose ratification of co-option and renewal is proposed
- Presentation of director whose appointment is proposed
- Draft Bylaws AGM 6 November 2015


- Auditors’ report (1st resolution) – Financial statements
- Auditors’ report (2nd resolution) – Consolidated financial statements
- Auditors’ report (4th resolution) – Regulated agreements and commitments
- Auditors’ report (15th resolution) – Reduction of share capital by cancellation of treasury shares
- Auditors’ report (16th to 20th resolutions) – Share capital increase with maintenance or cancellation of preferential subscription rights
- Auditors' report (22nd resolution) - Authorisation to grant free performance shares
- Auditors' report (23rd resolution) - Authorisation to grant share subscription or purchase options
- Auditors’ report (24th resolution) - Share capital increase for employees
- Auditors’ report - Report of the Chairman of the Board of Directors
- Auditors’ report - Review of CSR indicators
- Auditors’ report - Partnership and sponsorship activities (Document in French)