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Royal Salute's new rare whisky encapsulates its legacy in its craft


In an uncertain world it’s important that some things remain constant. So, Royal Salute is delighted to announce the birth of Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve, which uses an innovative blending technique to create a whisky that will, quite literally, live forever.

Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve

This is an ambitious claim. For this inventive take on legacy, Royal Salute selected incredibly rare and precious whiskies with an exceptionally long finish. They are then blended together and married in 88 casks to form the inaugural batch. Using a unique process called Circular Blending™, we have committed to use this original blend in every subsequent batch for decades to come.

Each time a new batch is released, half of the blend is re-casked in the Royal Salute Vault in Strathisla Distillery so that - even in two hundred years - you could still find a little of the precious liquid born in 2015. Thus, the original blend is forever preserved by this perpetual recirculation – creating a smooth, voluptuous whisky that justifies its original name: uisce beatha (the water of life). 

From the carefully crafted whisky, to the new porcelain flagon design, Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve is a dedication to the art of true craftsmanship from every dimension. With distinctive features, the porcelain flagons have all been created with meaning to combine age-old techniques with a contemporary signature icon, which reflects the Circular Blending™ process.


Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve

“ Time is at the heart of Royal Salute - our youngest blend is 21 years old but we were born alongside a thoroughly modern monarch so we constantly blend tradition with the contemporary. The Eternal Reserve is inspired by artists, writers, and philosophers – all dedicated to understanding the possibility of continuity in the modern world. This superb whisky is our suggestion that eternity doesn’t mean living forever. It means timelessness - and it belongs to those who live in the present.”
Vadim Grigorian, Royal Salute Global Brand Director


The first batch of 88 Casks will be released in 2015 and sold exclusively in Global Travel Retail, supported by an innovative experiential, digital promotional and merchandising campaign bringing Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve story to life.
Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve
Royal Salute The Eternal Reserve

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