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When love 2.0 boosts convivialité!


Virtual to reality: two thirds of online daters meet for a drink or meal on their first date

When love 2.0 boosts convivialité

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67% of dating site or app users prefer bars and restaurants as meeting places on a first date 
according to a survey of dating service users in six European countries* conducted by TNS Sofres for Pernod Ricard.

Two thirds of European daters arrange their first meeting in a bar or restaurant, because they provide a nice, friendly atmosphere to meet and chat while providing a safe environment. Other locations for first dates include the park (18%) or home (10%).

9/10 dating site and app users have already met at least one person in “real life”. 91% of daters in the United Kingdom have already met face-to-face with at least one person contacted online, 89% in France and 86% in Germany, for an average of 88% among the six countries surveyed.

30% of European daters surveyed say they use or have used dating sites or apps to find a soulmate, including 38% in Spain compared with just 26% in France.  25-34 year-olds are the group that uses dating sites and apps the most.

Alcoholic beverages are the preferred drink for a first date for nearly half of online daters. All product categories are included, in specific order: wine (15%) and beer (14%), champagne (5%), cocktails (5%) and other spirits such as whisky or brandy (2%). 


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The complete study results can be found here: Dating and Convivialité results
*the study was carried out on a sample of more than 6,000 men and women aged 18-64, conducted by TNS SOFRES in six European countries (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Finland) from 14-18 January 2016 to mark the launch of the most recent issue of Entreprendre published by Pernod Ricard on convivialité in the digital age. 

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