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#Entreprendre_Mag N°61


The digital revolution: conviviality reinvented

#Entreprendre_Mag N°61

Discover the latest issue of #Entreprendre_Mag 


Entreprendre_Mag is back in February with an issue dedicated to the role of conviviality in the digital age.


Digital technology has the effect of magnifying conviviality; it has fostered the creation of new forms of interaction and experience.

Conviviality has been refashioned into a more connected and augmented form thanks to a plethora of digital tools that provide many more moments of togetherness and sharing. Events, applications, touchscreens, places off the beaten track…

Entreprendre_Mag #61 examines these emerging trends that seize upon the opportunities offered by the digital world. Let yourself be surprised by what features in Entreprendre Mag #61 !

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Entreprendre #61

About Entreprendre Magazine

Entreprendre_Mag is the 100% digital magazine of Pernod Ricard. Launched in 1983, the magazine explores key issues related to “convivialité” - the Group’s brand slogan - by giving voice to experts and opinion leaders
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