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6th edition of Pernod Ricard Responsib’All Day


More than 100 local community projects accomplished in one day to spread “conviviality” around the world 

6th edition of Pernod Ricard Responsib’All Day

On 2 June, for the 6thconsecutive year, Pernod Ricard’s 18,500 employees around the world will leave aside offices to go out into the field, tools in hands. As they do every year, in the frame of Pernod Ricard’s Responsib’All Day, they will act as the frontline ambassadors of the Group’s CSR commitments: promoting responsible drinking, empowering our employees, protecting our planet and developing our communities. To this end, they will this year focus on building and renovating living spaces for the benefit of local communities.  The objective: provide local communities with places for meeting, talking and sharing with each other. Doing so, they will embody the Group’s vision of “Créateurs de convivialité” through their collective endeavours.

“ There is no convivialité without reaching out to others. ”




Alexandre Ricard, Pernod Ricard’s Chairman and CEO 

In partnership with non-governmental associations and organisations, the 85 Pernod Ricard subsidiaries will successfully complete community initiatives. In total, more than a hundred projects will be carried out in a single day. For instance…

-          In Paris, the 400 Headquarters employees will work at the site of the Petite Ceinture former railway, providing the Clignancourt “Danse sur les Rails” (Dance on the Rails) festival with an outdoor dancefloor, building furniture and greenhouses for the shared Jardins du Ruisseau and helping with the construction of the future Hasard Ludique auditorium and living space, located in a former railway station;

-          In Russia, a summer “set” with an open stage and terrace will be built for one of the oldest theatres in the Moscow region – the Istra Drama theatre;

-          In Ghana, the 19 employees will renovate a centre for social action in Accra, the Osu Community Centre;

-          In Paris and Marseille, employees of Ricard and Pernod will bring their support to projects around agricultural and urban farming to improve local inclusion: building a greenhouse, trimming, gardening and building a free library;

-          In Japan, a former vacant house and a former office space in Tokyo will be redesigned as a drop-in centre for the local community;

-          In the United States, employees will be devoting their time to Manhattan’s last forest where they will open a nature trail;

-          In Canada, employees from coast to coast will contribute to revitalizing their neighbourhoods in 13 cities across the country: from waterfront community centre renovations to community garden planting;

-          In Uruguay, three prefabricated houses will be built in Montevideo for families in need by the 53 employees;

-          Lastly, the most recent of many examples in Mexico will involve the 450 employees spending the day transforming their former Los Reyes production site into an educational and learning centre, part of which will be made available for a local NGO, “Cauce Ciudadano”.


As Pernod Ricard’s Chairman and CEO, Alexandre Ricard, explained, “At Pernod Ricard, we define ourselves as “Créateurs de convivialité”. However, there is no convivialité without reaching out to others. While our society is crossing more and more rough patches, it is vital to foster discussions and meetings but also encourage the sharing of different ideas within our communities. That’s why, to mark this 6th Responsib’All Day, our 18,500 employees are going to devote an entire day to supporting these local communities”.

According to the internal commitment survey of its 18,500 employees, conducted by the independent firm Towers Watson, 95% of Pernod Ricard employees feel proud to be associated with their company and 93% said they fully support the Group’s values. 90% consider that their company is a socially responsible actor of its community.

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