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Pernod Ricard India's Water Conservation initiatives


Pernod Ricard India is totally dedicated towards sustainable development. As part of the endeavor, we have launched PR KRITI, an initiative of PR India towards environment management and sustainability.

Pernod Ricard India's Water Conservation initiatives


The name has multifold meanings. Firstly, "Prkriti" means Nature. Secondly, the word can be broken into two parts as "PR" and "KRITI", PR signifies Pernod Ricard and “KRITI” means a Creation. Green wave of logo denotes Environment and the Blue as Water.

Pernod Ricard India proudly presents its first initiative on this platform – Water Conservation.
As a first step, rain water harvesting initiatives have been undertaken at Phagi in Rajahstan, where four watershed structures have been built. This would conserve about 32 000 cubic metres of water and also rejuvenate all the nearby dry wells.

This water will help sustainable development of 4 villages in the water-starved region of Phagi.

PhagiWatershed structure in Phagi


Similar structures have been built in Maharashtra as well : 

NASHIK production site initiative in maharashtra

In India, where water is an important issue, Pernod Ricard India has built rainwater tanks covering an area of 80,000 m2 near Nashik production site (Maharashtra State).
The rain water harvesting structures will benefit 4500 hectares of land and will be a sustainable source of water which can be used for irrigation as well as domestic purposes.

The three water harvesting reservoirs at Kadwa Mhalungi & Awankhed in Nashik have a total capacity of 80 million liters and additionally, four community toilet blocks and a drinking water facility will help improve the overall hygiene and sanitation of the people in the nearby villages.

This water will also provide farmers with reserves to irrigate their fields and supply their livestock with drinking water. 

PR India will continue to engage in similar sustainable environmental activities in the coming years.

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