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Discover our new artistic campaign: "Mindset" by Omar Victor Diop


A campaign of 17 portraits & stories by Omar Victor Diop


For our 41st artistic campaign, dubbed MINDSET, Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop set his focus on 17 employees among our African affiliates.

17 employees
For this 2016 carte blanche campaign, Omar Victor Diop chose to portray the link that unites our African employees with their colleagues around the world, some who they’ve never even met in person. Adorning ethnic prints with vibrant colours, their colleagues are depicted in the shape of medallion portraits embroidered in traditionally festive African garb, specially designed by Senegalese stylist Selly Raby Kane.

17 stories
The campaign displays a broad range of expressions, from euphoria and pride to boldness and the pleasure of being together. Each photo represents a story, a unique memory, and embodies the Pernod Ricard mind-set that’s positively distilled across the globe. 

17 works of art
The complete series of MINDSET photos will be exhibited at Paris Photo, the most prestigious international fair dedicated to photography, from 10 to 13 November (stand D-1). 

Diaporama Campagne Artistique 2015-2016

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