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Kevin Rolland, Freestyle Skiing Star and the new Mumm Ambassador


Maison Mumm invites the World to DARE WIN CELEBRATE, with the Launch of Snowstorm by Mumm platform in Association with International Freestyle Skiing Star Kevin Rolland.

Kevin Rolland, Freestyle Skiing Star and the new Mumm Ambassador

A 9-time medalist with 5 golds at the X Games and Olympic Bronze medalist at Sochi in 2014, Rolland embodies the House’s motto of Dare, Win, Celebrate and personifies pushing the limits. In the new action short film Fast Forward 2: The Eclipse, Kevin and his friend Julien Regnier take the audience on a white-knuckle ride down the mountain, showing off a succession of hair-raising stunts on their way to an exclusive Mumm party. The tone of the film is pure Mumm – a perfect fit with the Maison’s track record in adventure sports like sailing, horse racing and Formula E.

snowstorm by mumm

As the natural partner for daring celebrations, Maison Mumm will be extending the skiing theme to its Snowstorm by Mumm parties, which offer a brand new way of celebrating the winter. Staged at select New York venues, these exclusive events will invite partygoers to live out Mumm’s values of Dare, Win, Celebrate in a series of bold challenges. Among them, for the first time, the Mumm Daring Delivery VR experience and video game – developed exclusively for Mumm – will enable them to enter virtual reality and compete in a thrilling downhill race to be first to arrive at the party. And beginning next year, Snowstorm by Mumm* will showcase the Maison’s iconic red sash on the podiums and in the clubs of the world’s most prestigious ski resorts, from Europe to the US.

With its high-profile ambassador Kevin Rolland – a man synonymous with pushing the envelope – and this cutting-edge 3D game, Snowstorm by Mumm offers a perfect illustration of the Mumm motto: Dare, Win, Celebrate.

*Snowstorm by Mumm is a brand seasonal communications and marketing activation by Maison Mumm.


Why did you agree to this partnership with Maison Mumm?
We have a lot in common. The Maison’s motto Dare, Win, Celebrate really appealed to me. And we’re making history: this is the first time that Mumm has been involved with skiing.

What’s your definition of pushing the limits?
Always taking on new challenges. Risk-taking is in my blood. Riding the same old runs just isn’t my kind of skiing. I’m looking for something that gets the adrenaline pumping and makes me feel alive. Very early on, I knew it had to be freestyle.

What was your most daring victory?
The gold medal at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, ahead of Gus Kenworthy and Ben Valentin. We really celebrated that one. The celebration is part of the victory for me. That’s one of the reasons I’ve gone into this partnership with Mumm – the ultimate icon of victory.

Kevin Rolland MUMM

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