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Pernod Ricard has a large portfolio of premium international and local brands. 36 strategic brands are organized in the House of Brands, prestigious names in which the Group strongly invest and on which it bases its development.



ArArAt brandies have come to symbolise Armenia and its traditions; it has won recognition beyond its own borders as the second-largest imported brandy in Russia. Today, the brand is still made by the methods first laid down in 1887.

History and know-how

Only certain grape varieties that prosper in the Ararat Valley’s micro-climate and possess very specific characteristics are used to make authentic Armenian brandy. Double distillation preserves the grapes’ aromas and flavours, and the brandies are matured exclusively in oak casks. As it ages, the spirit is enhanced by natural notes of dried fruit, spices, chocolate and vanilla.

Range and Tasting

There are 7 products in the ArArAt brandy range: 3 Stars, 5 Stars, Ani, Otborny, Akhtamar, Vaspurakan and Nairi. All should be enjoyed straight.