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Becherovka is a Czech digestif created in 1807 in Karlovy Vary, a small spa town in Bohemia. Made from a blend of macerated plants and spices, this liqueur contains neither colouring nor preservatives and enjoys its greatest success in its country of origin, where it is the Czech Republic’s number two brand of bitters.

History and know-how

Becherovka’s history is closely linked with the town where it was created. Karlovy Vary is renowned for its twelve thermal springs, and Becherovka is known as “the thirteenth spring”. Its creator, Josef Vitus Becher, spent two years perfecting the formulation before marketing it. In 1838, his son Johan took over the business and turned Becherovka into a leading national liqueur.

Range and Tasting

Whether straight or in a cocktail, Becherovka should be enjoyed chilled or over ice. This allows the balance of aromas to develop fully and the taste to come through. Becherovka tastes even better when served in chilled glasses.