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Pernod Ricard has a large portfolio of premium international and local brands. 36 strategic brands are organized in the House of Brands, prestigious names in which the Group strongly invest and on which it bases its development.

Blenders Pride

Blenders Pride

Blenders Pride whisky is a key brand for Pernod Ricard India, holding a market share of around 50% in India’s premium blended whisky segment. The brand’s tag-line is “Make the world a stylish place”.

History and know-how

Blenders Pride is a whisky blended from Indian grain spirit and Scottish malt and contains no artificial flavouring. Launched in 1995, its consistently high quality quickly placed the brand among the category leaders, with worldwide sales of over 63 million cases in 2012/2013.

Range and Tasting

Blenders Pride is usually served with still or sparkling water or on ice. Five different bottle formats are available. At the end of 2011, a luxury whisky, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection, joined the range.