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Pernod Ricard has a large portfolio of premium international and local brands. 36 strategic brands are organized in the House of Brands, prestigious names in which the Group strongly invest and on which it bases its development.



Since 1967, Olmeca has been made 2,100 metres above sea level at Los Altos in Mexico. This region is renowned for its mineral-rich, red soil and especially pure-tasting tequila. Olmeca is distributed in 80 countries and is among the leaders in several markets such as Russia, where it is the no.1 tequila.

History and know-how

Olmeca’s production process underpins the tequila’s superlative quality, with craftsmanship playing a prominent role. The process makes use of the ‘Tahona’ method dating back some 500 years, which enables the extraction of a liquid (‘Tahona’) from the finest blue agave plants. This liquid is fermented and then distilled in copper stills, lending Olmeca a very smooth taste.

Range and Tasting

Olmeca Tequila is the range’s premium offering.
Olmeca Altos is the super-premium variant and the perfect base for margaritas.
Olmeca Tezón is made exclusively from Tahona liqueur. It is very smooth and should be enjoyed straight.
Olmeca Flavors is a range of liqueurs combining tequila with flavours, such as dark chocolate and coffee.