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Pernod Ricard has a large portfolio of premium international and local brands. 36 strategic brands are organized in the House of Brands, prestigious names in which the Group strongly invest and on which it bases its development.

Seagram’s Gin

Seagram’s Gin

Seagram’s Gin was created in 1857 and is well known for its mellow taste and chiselled bottle. The brand’s history is linked to that of the Seagram family, whose crest adorns the bottle.

History and know-how

Crafted from a combination of grain spirit and aromatic plants, Seagram’s Gin is distilled at a low temperature to preserve the botanicals’ rich aromas. Ageing in white-oak casks gives the spirit its mature flavour and light amber colour.

Range and Tasting

The unrivalled quality of Seagram’s Gin can be enjoyed neat, lengthened with a mixer or in cocktails. The Seagram’s range comprises two classic gins, Extra Dry and Distiller’s Reserve, as well as flavoured variants such as Seagram’s Apple Twisted Gin, and Seagram’s Gin & Juice premixed cocktails made with gin and fruit juice.