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A Prestige champagne house, G.H. MUMM has been blending the finest vintages since 1827. With over eight million bottles sold, it is the leading champagne brand in France and the third best-selling champagne in the world.

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History and know-how

Descended from a family of barons and knights dating back to the 12th century and vineyard owners since 1761, the Mumm family founded the champagne house of the same name in 1827.


Descended from a family of barons and knights dating back to the 12th century and vineyard owners since 1761, the Mumm family founded the champagne house of the same name in 1827.

In 1875, Georges Hermann Mumm, the son of one of the founders, created Mumm Cordon Rouge, which became an icon throughout the world, and the symbol of G.H. MUMM's excellence and know-how.

A tireless traveller, a scholar and a visionary, he made his way across Europe and around the world, propelling the House to the top of the market. By 1900, no fewer than 20 points of sale had been opened in countries such as the United States, Russia and Canada, as well as Brazil and Peru.


G.H. MUMM has a 218 hectare vineyard, including 160 Grand Cru category hectares. The House's estate covers eight of the Champagne region's most famous vineyards: Aÿ, Bouzy, Ambonnay, Verzy, Verzenay and Mailly for Pinot Noirs, and Avize and Cramant for Chardonnays.

From the beginning, G.H. MUMM has ensured control over the quality of the grapes used in order to guarantee the consistency and excellence of its champagnes.

G.H. MUMM has patented several high-tech processes, all helping to ensure the quality of its wines. In addition to being one of the first to achieve ISO 9000 certification in 1995, G.H. MUMM is the only champagne house to hold triple certification in Quality, Safety & Environment, obtained in 2009.

Since 1827, the G.H. MUMM style has been built on a subtle balance between freshness and intensity, carried forward by the House’s unbroken line of 12 Cellar Masters. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Didier Mariotti, the current Cellar Master, strives to faithfully express the G.H. MUMM style in respecting the character and authenticity of each vineyard, cultivating a balance between tradition and innovation.

To obtain its precisely matured wines, G.H. MUMM insists on a longer ageing period and six to eight grams of liqueur de dosage to allow the wines to fully express their character.

It’s a constant quest for excellence, illustrated by the development of a collection of Grand Crus for the most discerning connoisseurs. 

Main markets

France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, China, Japan, United States.



  • Cordon Rouge

    G.H.MUMMCordon Rouge

    Symbolising the excellence and know-how of the House since its founding, the Cordon Rouge vintage is a complex blend of over 77 wines. G.H. MUMM Cordon Rouge offers a consistent style and a subtle balance between freshness and intensity.

    Cordon Rouge
  • Le Rosé

    G.H.MUMMLe Rosé

    The famous rose that adorns its cap was designed by the Franco-Japanese painter Leonard Foujita. G.H. MUMM Rosé is vinified according to the same processes as G.H. MUMM Cordon Rouge, but differs through the addition of red wines from renowned villages of the Champagne region.

    Le Rosé
  • Demi-sec


    Rich, fruity and sweet, Demi-Sec is unquestionably the champagne that best corresponded to consumer tastes in the 19th century. It offers a different way to enjoy champagne, in a sweeter version, that carries on the tradition of fine dessert champagnes.

  • Millésimé


    The vintage wines of G.H. MUMM are the result of a masterful balance between the expression of a particular year and the House’s signature style. They are only created on the decision of Cellar Master Didier Mariotti when a year turns out to be exceptional.

  • G.H.MUMM

    G.H.MUMMBlanc de Blancs MUMM de Cramant

    Created in 1882, the Blanc de Blancs is a rare vintage, developed in the Champagne tradition using a selection of Chardonnays exclusively from the Cramant vineyard located in the Grand Cru appellation of the Côte des Blancs area.

    Blanc de Blancs MUMM de Cramant
  • No.1 international champagne brand in France
  • 632 thousands cases sold worldwide
  • No.3 international champagne brand in the world