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A successful launch for Martell XO Rise Above


Only 8 weeks after its launch, the new Martell XO film almost reached 2million online views* and the press is showing strong interest.

Martell XO Rise Above

Revealed mid-January 2013 with an online event format of 90 seconds and a classic 30 second format on Chinese TV, the House of Martell celebrates visionary achievers in its new global communication campaign. The film “Rise Above” showcases people who find their wings and achieve their visions, and pays tribute to the emblem of the House, the swift, which is used as a metaphor to convey the idea that everyone has the capacity to elevate its talent and to inspire those around. Thus, the swift becomes the symbol of Martell’s invitation to “Rise above”.

The film features four characters who are taking flight, bringing their visions to life: a sculptor, a speaker, a writer and a conductor “using their wings” and fulfilling their goals and potential.

For this international Masterbrand campaign, Martell chose famous American film director James Gray, in collaboration with Darius Khondji, renown Director of Photography. Master in building tension and conveying intense emotion, James Gray was the best fit for this film. His involvement, his passionate and humble actors’ direction combined with Darius Khondji great attention to details are the key ingredients for the film.

Talking about it, James Gray says “it is extremely rare to be offered to shoot a film you personally relate to. I have experienced several time this moment when you focus, when you need to take flight and dare fulfilling your vision... I would have loved being the one coming up with this idea!”

Only 8 weeks after its launch, the film has proved to be a hit among international press with more than 600 pieces of coverage: it has been recognized as a “splendid advertising film” for the French newspaper Le Monde, a “Beautiful, long graceful cinematography” for TrendHunter, and an “absolute gem of advertising” for Stratégies.

A second TV wave is planned for April in China and the second incarnation of this Rise Above message will be a print campaign that is due for May 2013.


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