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As a decentralised international group, Pernod Ricard continues to grow with the support of the talented men and women among its ranks. Staff creativity is valued in a human resources policy based on a strong business culture.

Developing talent

Attracting and retaining the best talent, developing the teams’ skills and promoting the sense of leadership and culture of performance: these priorities act as a guide for the human resources policy of Pernod Ricard.

Developing talent


The culture of leadership is inherent in the values and history of Pernod Ricard. It is what drives its performance. Further developing this culture is crucial to pursuing the industry leadership that the Group has set out to capture: today's talent will be the leaders of tomorrow.
Identifying this talent as early as possible, and developing their leadership abilities are therefore priorities in the Group’s human resources management. Pernod Ricard also strives to provide career opportunities to all its employees, and places a particular emphasis on transparency and clarity in the Group’s processes. To this end, there are HR tools and teams specifically dedicated to managing talent.


The Pernod Ricard leadership model

Pernod Ricard strives to maintain a motivating and respectful working environment that encourages individual and collective commitment and thus accelerates performance. The organisation’s participative management style, based on a culture of innovation, inspires and motivates employees. With their finely-tuned specific skills, managers are able to identify new talent and expand their teams.
The Group has defined a leadership model that is consistent with its corporate culture, based on an entrepreneurial spirit and its decentralised model. This model is based around six core competencies that all leaders must develop and communicate to their teams: strategic vision, entrepreneurial spirit, results orientation, living the values, employee development, and team management.

Good practice: Pernod Ricard China is developing manager leadership

In order to provide more effective support to its Managers in a context of strong growth, Pernod Ricard China initiated an ambitious leadership development programme for its 50 General Managers, Senior Managers and Business Directors. For several months, they followed various training modules to improve their managerial skills and learn the essential behaviours associated with leadership.

“We alternated theoretical learning with practical scenarios, focusing mainly on the development of talent, the key to effective management”, said Angel Li, Human Resources Director. The initiative was chosen as the Best Human Resources Practice of 2010/2011 at Pernod Ricard.

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The Group encourages the development of creative leaders who can motivate their teams by instilling a culture of innovation, and who are also eager to identify and develop talent. The main tools and processes established by the Group to help them in this task are:
  • iLead – identifying the leaders of tomorrow: The main tool for managing talent in the Group. It allows talent individuals to be identified and selected according to the leadership model defined by Pernod Ricard and enables career plans to be developed in line with their hopes and ambitions
  • Pernod Ricard University – training talent: The Group’s university offers training courses that have been specifically designed to support and develop talent, and for training future leaders through innovative and ambitious programmes
  • iMove – promoting international mobility: The Group has made international mobility a powerful tool to allow its talent to develop, and to strengthen commitment, innovation and diversity within the Group.

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