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As a decentralised international group, Pernod Ricard continues to grow with the support of the talented men and women among its ranks. Staff creativity is valued in a human resources policy based on a strong business culture.


A true source of the company’s wealth and a driver of its performance, diversity is a value that Pernod Ricard strives to cultivate.


To allow employees to express their full potential, whatever their nationality, gender or background, the Group encourages diversity in all its forms: diversity of origin, gender or culture.

Diversity at Pernod Ricard is primarily one of origin, related to the Group’s multiculturalism: Pernod Ricard’s success depends on its 19,000 employees spread across 80 countries. Such diversity of origin is also a source of cultural diversity, a real asset for the Group.

In recent years, diversity has also risen significantly in terms of gender equality, thanks to a stepped-up pace of internal promotions. In addition, during the last financial year, 41% of staff recruited externally were women. A specific thought has been launched on this topic, and the action plan is in deployment.


Women in business: an innovative programme

Through the Pernod Ricard University, the female employees of Pernod Ricard are taking part in a programme organised by the École Normale Supérieure de Paris: the curriculum notably offers monthly meetings of women executives which will culminate in the creation of a ‘Dictionnaire des femmes’ (Women’s Business Dictionary).
As explained by Susan Gustafsson, Legal Director of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët, and Amélie Virat, Head of Group Management Control, it’s an opportunity to share experiences:
“The aim is to generate discussion with the help of experts (sociologists, political scientists, journalists, psychologists) and to compare best practices. This tangible and practical approach provides interesting food for thought for the Group which will help it to progress in this area.”


The subsidiaries, for their part, have launched innovative actions such as Pernod Ricard Italia’s “business game” to attract top national talent.