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As a decentralised international group, Pernod Ricard continues to grow with the support of the talented men and women among its ranks. Staff creativity is valued in a human resources policy based on a strong business culture.


Pernod Ricard proposes a wide range of Learning & Development (L&D) opportunities, designed and delivered either locally by each affiliate or globally by Pernod Ricard University. These programs cover all business areas, functional, managerial and leadership, with the objective to provide support to participants so they perform better in their current jobs and prepare for the next steps.



Pernod Ricard University L&D programs target the group’s talents on critical and global functional skills such as marketing, finance, sales, HR or operations, as well as on Leadership.

Dedicated Pernod Ricard University program managers collaborate with the business and HR to identify L&D needs and then design programs with top institutions, consultants and internal experts. Formats are often a blend of e-learning, class-room and experiential sessions assembled in a fine balance to deliver best impact.

Pernod Ricard University L&D programs are rolled out and delivered on campus, on market or at the historical Château de La Voisine near Paris, a place acquired by Paul Ricard in 1957. Diversity is an absolute requirement, so participants will always find themselves in a cohort comprising of colleagues from different parts of the world, types of business, or cultures. This is critical to create that special bond that ties the group together and that Pernod Ricard calls ‘conviviality’.

The Pernod Ricard University intranet is open to all group employees willing to find out more about its activities, learn about topical business matters using carefully selected off-the-shelf e-learning modules, and even soon access MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to strengthen their competences at their own pace.



Introduced by Pernod Ricard University in 2012, the Leadership Curriculum was set up to support the development of individual leadership competences in the spirit of the Group Leadership Model.

A very rewarding multicultural experience, it invites an open-minded reflection on personal change and the role of leaders.

The program is organised in 3 modules that participants can attend over time: Mixers, for the young aspiring leaders, Shakers for the confirmed leaders willing to be taken outside their comfort zone, and Blenders for the group top 200 executives.

Mixers and Shakers are run in collaboration with INSEAD and Blenders is still under development at the time of writing.

Starting in 2014, Pernod Ricard is the proud sponsor of the newly launched HEC Paris Leadership Certificate, actively mentoring a cohort of around 40 students from the Business School, MBA and Masters programs. Amongst other activities in this 100 hour module, students will have a chance to work on real life and current business challenges, and to submit their proposals to a jury comprising of HEC Paris faculty and Pernod Ricard Top Management.



A dedicated program by Pernod Ricard University

In collaboration with the Group Marketing, Pernod Ricard University runs a program entirely dedicated to the management of Prestige and Luxury brands, targeting senior marketers involved in this strategic aspect of the business. Held in Paris, the world’s ‘Capitale du Luxe’, this highly interactive program takes them through the specifics of marketing luxury brands and the luxury brand experience.


As part of its decentralised organisational structure, Pernod Ricard allows its subsidiaries around the world to develop their own training initiatives.

At regional level, Pernod Ricard Pacific offers an online training programme - original and complementary - on QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) issues.

For the Europe region, Pernod Ricard Europe has developed a repository of sales and marketing competencies in order to create a common language between its subsidiaries. This repository defines the key areas of marketing competencies and levels of expertise required, from novice to expert.

The subsidiary Pernod Ricard USA has set up an online training course on the law and ethics on the Above the Horizon (PATH) website.

In France, Ricard has launched the “Ricard Attitude” project, which aims to preserve the memory of the subsidiary's commercial expertise. This programme adapts traditional know-how to the new context of responsible drinking. It highlights four main focuses: knowledge, organisation, behaviours and values, and management.


Integration programmes, annual development and performance evaluation appraisals, training courses… the HR processes in place at Pernod Ricard encourage the personal and professional development of its employees.

In 2011, the Group sought to go further in this area, by implementing a talent development system known as ‘iLead’.

Shared by the entire Group, iLead is based on a leadership model that is defined by a repository of key competencies and formalised by a talent assessment tool. Supplemented by management reviews and succession plans for key Group posts, this tool is an essential mechanism for identifying and selecting talented individuals.