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As a decentralised international group, Pernod Ricard continues to grow with the support of the talented men and women among its ranks. Staff creativity is valued in a human resources policy based on a strong business culture.


The Pernod Ricard Group offers a wide variety of jobs to its employees and provides many opportunities for geographic or professional mobility throughout their careers.


A key factor in developing new talent, mobility has been made a top priority by Pernod Ricard.
The Group encourages mobility among its employees, in all its forms:

Geographic mobility

The Group-wide establishment of common expatriation processes, accompanied by targeted assistance tools, has sharply increased momentum in the 80 countries where the Group operates.

Cross-business mobility

Pernod Ricard aims to develop its employees’ careers within and between Group subsidiaries, regardless of the country or position concerned. For this reason, Group employees are given priority when job vacancies become available. Managerial positions are therefore sent out to the Human Resources directors of each subsidiary so that they can offer their company’s employees the opportunity to apply.

Employee mobility – especially internationally – makes it possible to add new skills and strengthen the teams. By encouraging this mobility, Pernod Ricard seeks to develop the talents and strengths of each employee.


iMove, an innovation in mobility

In order to facilitate mobility, Pernod Ricard launched iMove in 2010. Both an internal job exchange and an external recruitment platform, this tool lists job vacancies within the Group. Access to iMove