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As a decentralised international group, Pernod Ricard continues to grow with the support of the talented men and women among its ranks. Staff creativity is valued in a human resources policy based on a strong business culture.


The Pernod Ricard Group is seeking management controllers and business development and audit managers for its Holding company and subsidiaries.



As a management controller, you support service managers and department heads by analysing financial data to enable them to track and manage their budgets effectively. You apply Group guidelines on financial reporting and auditing in the production and distribution subsidiaries. Your responsibilities include: implementing procedures and systems to monitor department budgets in application

of financial and budgetary policies, acting as key liaison between operational department staff and the Finance division, and helping to develop the subsidiary’s strategy by preparing financial planning and budgeting documents for the General Management. Your key personality traits include teamwork, discipline, integrity and passion. You have a positive outlook and strong analytical skills and are driven to improve procedures and processes.

Your profile: Education: Master’s Degree in Finance from a business school or university.



As a business development and audit manager, your role is to identify potential acquisition targets. You are involved in all stages of the transaction, including due diligence of the target’s accounts, audits of production facilities and distribution capabilities, financial evaluation and development of business plans. Your responsibilities include financial audits for acquisitions or disposals; ad-hoc audits of the purchasing, logistics, finance, inventory, IT and cost accounting functions of the Group’s main international subsidiaries, and the review and updating of internal controls to ensure compliance with current regulations.

As needed, you will assist with finalising the closure of the accounts at the end of the financial period and the fulfilment of the Holding Company’s accounting, fiscal and statutory obligations, and will compile and present specific reports for the CEO and the Audit Committee. You are discreet, with strong analytical skills and experience in advanced auditing techniques, and you have a high level of expertise in corporate auditing. You have strong interpersonal skills allowing you to rapidly grasp the organisation’s challenges and to obtain the support and commitment of its stakeholders.

Your profile: Education: Degree in Finance from a major business school or university and/or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or MBA (Master of Business Administration) with 3-5 years of auditing experience.