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Pernod Ricard endeavours to regularly and timely provide all present and future Group shareholders and investors with such relevant information needed to ascertain an understanding of the Group's performance.

Annual Reports

The Annual Report contains all the information that the Company publishes as part of the Registration Document and the Annual Financial Report.

annual reports


Annual Report 2014_2015       Pernod Ricard At a glance       Registration document 2014_2015      

Online Version

 2013/2014 Annual report

Annual Report 2013-2014       Registration document 2013-2014

 2012/2013 Annual report


2011/2012 Annual report


Interactive Versions


2010/2011 Annual report


2009/2010 Annual report


2008/2009 Annual report

2007/2008 Annual report

2006/2007 Annual report

2005/2006 Annual report


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