Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is the world’s leader in the Premium spirits industry. It operates in more than 85 affiliates and 100 production sites. Pernod Ricard has chosen to focus on sustainable growth through a large portfolio of international brands and a high-end strategy, known as Premiumisation.

Armenia: Helping wine growers to improve their structure

Yerevan Brandy Company, the Armenian subsidiary of Pernod Ricard, provides entrepreneurial support to its grape suppliers in the Tavush region. By assisting in the creation of a cooperative and providing appropriate training, the Group is helping wine growers to achieve independence and improve the stability of their income.

Armenia: Helping wine growers to improve their structure
In the Tavush region of Armenia, grape suppliers must face a lack of equipment and the low yields from their plots of land. In addition, 80% of the vines must be renewed; however, access to financial services remains difficult in this region.
Pernod Ricard and Yerevan Brandy Company, in partnership with Planet Finance, are undertaking an innovative pilot project to meet their needs.


Providing producers with economic structure

The key idea of the project is to bring together a community of wine growers within a cooperative. The creation of the cooperative is accompanied by training in the organisational, managerial, legal, financial and IT fields. Beyond the training, the cooperative allows wine
growers to access a micro-credit organisation to facilitate investment. To this end, the first investment made by the cooperative was the purchase of a tractor to increase yields. Studies have also been undertaken as to the possibility of renewing the vines.


A pilot project that is intended for deployment

The aim is to encourage the independence of vine growers and to improve their standard of living.
The project will be monitored and assessed: if the results are positive, the programme will be extended to other communities.