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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus in Pernod Ricard's constant quest for improvement. The Group has risen to the challenge of reconciling financial efficiency, respect for stakeholders, environmental protection, consumer protection and cultural awareness.

Water resources

Water is the main ingredient of Pernod Ricard products. Faced with the threat of shortages, the Group has made water management one of the five strategic focuses of its environmental policy. In September 2010, signature of the United Nations’ CEO Water Mandate strengthened the Group’s commitment to protecting the planet’s water resources.

Water resources


Distilleries and bottling plants have invested considerable time and money in water management. This effort is based around the following:
measuring consumption;
  • ensuring that water taken does not threaten resources;
  • trying to save water;
  • making sure that wastewater is treated effectively before being returned to the natural environment.

Such action is particularly important for subsidiaries in areas where water reserves are at risk.

Through this move to reduce water consumption, production sites have reached their targets:
  • In 2013, the Group industrial sites has withdrawn 25 millions square meters of water. Only 8.1 millions are actually consumption, the other 16.9 millions have been used in order to cool the distilleries without disturbing the environment
  • Since 2008, the Group has reduced its water consumption per production unit (litre of pure alcohol) by 27%.



Pernod Ricard has drawn up a map of its sites to assess their water resources:
13 of the Group’s production units have been identified as being located in areas where water is a precious resource, most notably in India, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Armenia.
In total, these sites in arid regions account for just 5% of the Group’s water consumption. 


Good practice: Behror (Rajasthan, India)

At its Behror production site located in a very dry region, Pernod Ricard’s local subsidiary has taken an ambitious and effective approach to rationing its water consumption.  The production site, which includes a whisky distillery and bottling plant, has been overhauled with a view to reusing and recycling water at all stages of production. Through this policy, the Behror site has reduced its water consumption per litre of pure alcohol by 26% since 2008 and now recycles more than 50% of all water used.


The Group has developed several types of processes to reduce the organic impact of wastewater, either reusing it or discharging it safely into the natural environment.
The various processes include:
  • extracting methane from waste to produce biogas;
  • aerobic filtration techniques through the use of reed beds;
  • membrane filtration;
  • the use of plants to purify water in “filtering garden” systems.


Good practice: 100% natural treatment of wastewater for Pernod Ricard Argentina

Pernod Ricard Argentina has fitted an ingenious, natural and effective wastewater treatment system that requires little maintenance. After an initial filtration, wastewater is spread over grassy plots and cleaned by the bacteria that grows on them. Recovered and stored, the water is then used to irrigate the vineyards.