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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus in Pernod Ricard's constant quest for improvement. The Group has risen to the challenge of reconciling financial efficiency, respect for stakeholders, environmental protection, consumer protection and cultural awareness.

Supplier relations

Pernod Ricard ensures that its suppliers and staff are made well aware of its sustainable development values and ethics. The Group has established the framework of a responsible procurement policy common to all subsidiaries.

Supplier relations


Since 2007, each production subsidiary has been provided with a “Commitment and Sustainable Development” questionnaire to assess their suppliers’ practices. This is used as a basis for monitoring main suppliers, documenting new ones and encouraging them to meet high standards.
In 2011, Pernod Ricard looked to involve suppliers even more closely by publishing its “responsible procurement” policy for products and services: a taskforce was set up to formalise a global responsible procurement policy. This is backed up by a commitment charter for suppliers with the introduction of Group-wide resources.



Action taken in collaboration with suppliers has reduced the impact all along the logistics chain:

For the last 10 years, The Absolut Company (Sweden) has been working in direct collaboration with farmers to promote more sustainable and environmentally friendly wheat growing practices.  

Two Group companies, Orlando Wines and Pernod Ricard New Zealand, have implemented a plan to reduce the weight of Jacob’s Creek and Brancott Estate bottles. Depending on the model, the weight has been reduced by 50, 180 or even 240 grams, saving a total of 11,400 tonnes of glass per year.

These changes in dimensions have helped optimise palletisation plans by increasing the load per pallet from 36 to 38 boxes.

Alongside this reduction in weight, bigger containers are now used for long-distance shipping (40 feet, versus 20 beforehand).

Orlando Wines and Pernod Ricard New Zealand have worked with their UK clients to improve end deliveries: vehicle journeys have thus fallen from 1,000 to 800 per year


Targeted actions

Alongside this global action, Pernod Ricard’s subsidiaries have adopted effective solutions in terms of packaging, transport, storage and other related activities:

in collaboration with many of its clients and to make its distribution model more effective, Pernod Ricard UK has developed a new IT application. This registers expected orders and draws up a preparation and delivery schedule according to volumes, optimising the transport of goods before they are dispatched.
At Pernod Ricard Thailand, outer packaging for shipments of 100 Pipers bottles is now reused after promotional campaigns that require repackaging.

Transport cycles are also being reviewed: For shipments of its products packed in China, Martell has set up a more direct route for its Cognac to reach Le Havre, cutting out a storage stop in Épernay.