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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus in Pernod Ricard's constant quest for improvement. The Group has risen to the challenge of reconciling financial efficiency, respect for stakeholders, environmental protection, consumer protection and cultural awareness.

Responsible Party

Responsible Party is a programme for students, which uses "youth" language and helps student event organisers to hold responsible parties.

Responsible party

The aim of the Responsible Party programme is to convince students that they can have fun while drinking responsibly.

The programme

  • A partnership was created with ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to encourage event organisers  to become responsible drinking ambassadors.
  • A safety and marketing pack was created and sent out with:

Positive results

This was the first Europe-wide campaign of its scale: 61,000 students were reached, 101 parties were organised in more than 26 countries, and the website received 80,285 hits.

An assessment was carried out by an independent organisation, "Generation Europe Foundation": 74% of those questioned said that they planned to party responsibly in future.