Young people and alcoholSample initiatives to prevent underage drinking

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Sample initiatives to prevent underage drinking

Many subsidiaries commit locally to promote responsible drinking and take action, in partnership with professional organisations and associations.

Sample initiatives to prevent underage drinking

prata om alkohol


Created to remedy the lack of information and prevention work in schools, Prata Om Alkohol is a scientifically established teaching programme to educate minors. The aim: change their behaviour and make them aware of the dangers of alcohol.


Action taken

An innovative programme was developed in three parts:
  • Training teachers to give lessons on:
    • Psychosocial aspects
    • Resisting peer pressure
    • Increasing awareness of responsible drinking
  • Programme for families: advice to help parents talk to their children.
  • Programme for schools: advice to help integrate and motivate everyone at school.
Training and resources are provided for teachers. Rewarding activities have also been set up to get pupils involved: news writing competition and safety/awareness campaign.

Positive results

75% of schools in Sweden have run this programme, which the Swedish Ministry of Education sees as a benchmark.

5,000 teachers and 250,000 students have already been reached. 70% of people who answered the  2011 survey felt that the programme encourages young people to delay the age at which they first drink.

The programme was launched in Sweden in 2006, then extended to Denmark, Finland and Estonia.



This innovative programme is run by the French Entreprise & Prévention organisation and  National Education Ministry with an independent management committee made up of scientists and teachers. Pernod Ricard supports this initiative.

The ESPACE programme is carried out in 15 high schools and is based on developing psychosocial skills.
The aim is to encourage young people to take a responsible approach to drinking: delay the first contact with alcohol and discourage binge drinking.

Action taken

The programme stretches over three years from 7th grade to 9thgrade to raise young people's awareness. Role plays have been created to develop psychosocial skills and self-esteem  in 11- 15 year olds:
  • Grade 7th: identify needs, improve self-understanding, identify successful strategies and resource networks, etc.
  • Grade 8th: controlling emotions, stress management, problem solving.
  • Grade 9th: character building, self-criticism, creativity
Parents' involvement is key to the success of the project. Meetings are held regularly with parents while newsletters and a website keep them updated.

Positive results

The assessment was carried out by ORS in Limousin using an active group of 1,151 pupils and a control group of 1,132 pupils over three years with five questionnaires between late 2009 and April 2013.

An interim assessment (active and control groups) reported interesting initial results in terms of understanding, self-esteem and psychosocial skills. The final assessment is due in 2013.


Beber Con Moderacion in Argentina

Pernod Ricard Argentina has developed an education and awareness project on the dangers of inappropriate or excessive drinking. The company supplies practical resources to help parents tackle the issue and communicate with their children.

The aim is to make Beber con Moderacion (BCM) a long-term programme able to educate and raise awareness among staff, their families and local communities, thereby encouraging them to adopt healthier drinking habits.

Action taken

Pernod Ricard Argentina has introduced a programme in three stages:
  • 2007: distribution of breathtests and stickers.
  • 2009: development of a longer-term approach, broader target and a stronger partnership. Staff, their spouses and children attend conferences and workshops organised by experts in issues such as drinking driving, alcohol and health, and alcohol and young people.
  • October 2011: free activities at the company, provided in  partnership with Fundación Proyecto Padres. Staff can become responsible drinking ambassadors in their community and run educational workshops on the subject.

Positive results

100% of staff took part in the programme with very good feedback from them and their families.
39 employees, representing all production centres and regions volunteered to become ambassadors.