Young people and alcoholParents at the heart of prevention policies

Pernod Ricard

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Parents at the heart of prevention policies

Parents play an important role in the drinking behaviour of their children but do not always realise it. This is why Pernod Ricard supports and implements initiatives aimed at parents.

Parents at the heart of prevention policies

A responsibility highlighted by the IREB

Since 1971, the Group has been actively contributing to the work of IREB (Institut de recherches scientifiques sur les boissons), a research organisation and source of documentation and information on alcohol. The IREB published detailed statistics on French alcohol consumption.
A study released by the IREB in 2009* shed light on parents' role in the drinking behaviour of children. The more a child feels allowed to drink, the greater the risk of dependency. The more the child's family discusses matters openly and sets boundaries, the more likely it is that the child will adopt a responsible approach.
* "Young people and alcohol today", the fifth IREB survey under the scientific leadership of Marie Choquet, Head of Research at Inserm, Chairwoman of the IREB's science committee, and Laure Com-Ruelle, Head of Research at IRDES and member of the IREB science committee, November 2009.


Raise parents'  awareness

Realising the stakes, Pernod Ricard is committed to developing programmes to raise awareness among those responsible for educating youngsters. The aim is to encourage parents to understand that they are role models and encourage them to discuss alcohol consumption with their children before they start to drink.

For example, Pernod Ricard Australia has established a partnership with the not-for-profit organisation DrinkWise Australia. The aim is to encourage and help parents to delay their children's first contact with alcohol:
  • Roll-out of two national campaigns, "Kids Absorb Your Drinking" (2008) and "Kids And Alcohol Don’t Mix" (2009), which received widespread coverage in newspapers and on television and the radio.
  • Creation of a special website for the initiative: advice for parents, results of research, and multimedia information (
  • Development of a practical guide for parents and a five-point plan to delay the first drink.
  • Involvement of parents through "Yahoo! 7 Answers", an online Q&A forum.
The results of this action are positive. Indeed, a third of parents have changed their behaviour in front of their children: 40% have changed it to set a better example and 14% have been influenced by TV adverts.
The Australian government has publicly declared that this was a positive industry initiative against binge drinking, providing a good example of collaboration in the community to change attitudes towards alcohol.

Working alongside and supporting parents

How do I talk about the dangers of alcohol with my child? What are the risks of abuse and dependency? How should I act if drinking is excessive and repeated?
The "Infos Alcool parents" website was set up in late 2009 by the Entreprise and Prévention organisation France, of which the Group is a member.
This gives parents detailed information on the risks associated with drinking and advice to be able to talk calmly with their children.