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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus in Pernod Ricard's constant quest for improvement. The Group has risen to the challenge of reconciling financial efficiency, respect for stakeholders, environmental protection, consumer protection and cultural awareness.

Lobbying at Pernod Ricard

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the five drivers of Pernod Ricard’s development strategy, built on the company’s historical commitment to ethics. Therefore, applying these standards to the Group' lobbying practices is a key element to maintaining a respectful and stable growth model for the group.

Parlement Européen de Strasbourg

Like all Pernod Ricard employees, members of the Public Affairs team are expected to apply a strong sense of ethics to their daily activities, including any lobbying initiatives they may undertake to influence policy making and decision taking that affects Pernod Ricard and/or the industry. More specifically, employees have to ensure that all lobbying initiatives are consistent with the Group's CSR commitments.

The Group’s Public Affairs team seeks to take part in the democratic debate and decision-making process by providing lawmakers and policymakers with technical expertise intended to educate them about our industry and explain how legislative proposals can impact our activities.

Jean Rodesch, Vice-President Government Affairs

All lobbying efforts at Pernod Ricard are conducted openly, transparently and ethically. The Group actively participates in deliberations on legislative or administrative matters by advocating its positions to the whole industry and other stakeholders, including decision-makers and policymakers. Pernod Ricard may do this through trade associations, or directly when the issue is specific to the Group.

The Group’s government affairs organization reflects Pernod Ricard's strong commitments to CSR: the Vice President Government Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility is responsible for articulating the Group’s lobbying policies, ensuring at any time that lobbying practices are consistent with the Group' CSR commitments.

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Pernod Ricard employees whose functions include influencing such policy-making and decision taking are required to follow some guidelines, on three main aspects: compliance with laws, regulations and policies; transparency, and relationships with policy makers.

On compliance with laws, regulations and policies

All Pernod Ricard employees that engage in lobbying activities must:

  • Comply with the Pernod Ricard Charter.
  • Comply with all local laws and regulations on lobbying, including any registration and reporting requirements.
  • Comply with all relevant Group policies, including the Pernod Ricard Group Anti-Bribery Policy, any similar local policy and any applicable gifts and hospitality policy.
  • Integrate lobbying practices within CSR initiatives and ensure that all lobbying initiatives are consistent with the CSR commitments.
  • Comply with the codes of conduct and legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the various institutions in which lobbying efforts are made.
  • Ensure that they have all the necessary skills to allow them to fulfill their function, including through professional development trainings and activities.

On transparency

Pernod Ricard:

In addition, Pernod Ricard employees that engage in lobbying activities commit to use only reliable, verifiable and up to date information in support of the Group' positions on policy matters or proposed legislation.

On relationships with policymakers

All Pernod Ricard employees must:

  • Refrain from any attempt to obtain information or influence decisions by illegal means.
  • Refrain from holding public office (national or European).
  • Refrain from employing current policymakers under consultancy agreements as well as getting involved with either political consultancies or industry groups who engage in practices Pernod Ricard would not allow for its own employees.
  • Refrain from offering any benefits, gifts, or monetary incentives or anything else of value, including any political donations, with the purpose of influencing policy makers or any government official in exchange for obtaining or retaining business or any other improper advantage.
  • Refrain from making donations in the name of Pernod Ricard or any of its affiliates to candidates for public office, individual politicians, political parties and other political organizations unless such donations are permitted by local law and have been made in accordance with the Group Anti-Bribery Policy.