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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus in Pernod Ricard's constant quest for improvement. The Group has risen to the challenge of reconciling financial efficiency, respect for stakeholders, environmental protection, consumer protection and cultural awareness.

Pernod Ricard’s Government Affairs organization

Lobbying activities at Pernod Ricard can be conducted by members of the internal government affairs organization, industry bodies of which the Group is a member, or, more exceptionally, external consultants. The Group’s government affairs structure is built to ensure consistency between Pernod Ricard’s CSR commitments and its lobbying activities.


The Vice President Government Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility is responsible for articulating the Group’s lobbying policies. The principal lobbying efforts carried out by the Group’s various public affairs departments are reported to the Group CEO, and senior management is kept informed of the status of such activities.


Public Affairs


The global budget for “in-house” lobbying amounted to 2.9 €Million for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

In addition with complying with local law, the Public Affairs team is expected to comply with applicable professional standards, such as the Charter of Ethics of the Association pour les Relations avec les Pouvoirs Publics en France, as well as institutional codes, such as the Code of Conduct of the Transparency Register promulgated by the European Commission.

The Group organizes a yearly public affairs seminar to promote integrity in lobbying practices. Moreover, lobbying training courses have been established, including a dedicated ethics module covering ethical principles in lobbying which was designed in cooperation with the French section of Transparency International.

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