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Innovation Day 2014


Pernod Ricard is celebrating the future of convivialité on the second edition of Innovation Day to be held on Tuesday January 28. The Group will particularly show off its digital developments.

Innovation Day 2014

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After the first 2011 edition dedicated to the new Ricard bottle, Pernod Ricard is holding a new edition of Innovation Day on the subject "the Future of Convivialité" today at Ecole 42 in Paris. This is the perfect time for the Group to remind about the essential role innovation plays in its strategy as an accelerator of value creation. Pernod Ricard will propose to the hundred journalists, analysts and partners invited to the event, a projective view of innovation by unveiling the great trends and projects that will make up the conviviality of tomorrow. Through the “consumer’s experience” of the future, the Group will analyze new ways of interaction between brands and consumers at their homes, in bars, or in other points of sale. The event will also allow the Group to highlight its most remarkable innovations of the last 2 years, whether new products or major digital advances for the industry.

This edition of Innovation Day will be spiced up by a hackathon, set up in partnership with Ecole 42, founded by Xavier Niel : 36 hours to face the challenge of designing the bar of the future. The winners will be announced on the late evening of Wednesday 29 January.


French time :

09:30 am: Introduction by Pierre Pringuet and Xavier Niel
10:00 am : Launch of the hackathon "Break The Code of Convivialité : the bar and the party of the future"
11:00 am : Sociologic approach of the future of convivialité by professor Michel Maffesoli
11:30 am: The Innovation Ecosystem and Vision at Pernod Ricard, by Thierry Billot and Martin Riley
12:30 pm: Opening of the Showroom - the top 100 innovations by Pernod Ricard in the last 2 years
2:00 pm: Digital Innovation, by Alexandre Ricard and Antonia McCahon
3:00 pm: Unveiling of Project Gutenberg by Alain Dufossé


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