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Our/Vodka the world first global vodka with local roots


Our/Vodka launches microdistillery ventures in 11 cities throughout the world


After a successful introduction in Berlin, Our/Vodka will open micro distilleries in eleven cities across the US, Europe and Australia with local partners. Our/Detroit will open during the summer and 10 other cities will follow among which New York, Amsterdam, London or Melbourne.

“Our/Vodka does not have much in common with other spirit brands. In every city, we partner with local entrepreneurs who love their city – and together, we open boutique distilleries with a grass roots approach, that represents the local community,” says Åsa Caap, founder of Our/Vodka and former Innovations Director at Pernod Ricard. The distillery in New York will double as a tasting room, shop and event space, while the Detroit distillery will partner with local organizations for events and communal forums.

Our/Vodka is made with the same recipe, but every distillery will use ingredients sourced as local as possible. Each city not only lends its name, but also a specific local character to the vodka. The local partners will market the vodka in their own fashion. “This is about building a unique business in each city. Our/Berlin is run by fashion people, Our/Detroit by three entrepreneurs and Our/New York by skate and bike aficionados. Of course they will end up differently, and that’s the beauty of it,” says Kalle Söderquist, Creative Director for Our/Vodka.

Our/Vodka comes in a small bottle with a crown cap. Its moto: “Keep it simple. It’s vodka.”

Our/Vodka is run outside of the local Pernod Ricard affiliates.


Visit the Our/Vodka website

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