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Ballantine’s Hard Fired Unveiled


Ballantine’s Hard Fired Unveiled

Discover the new subtly smoky Scotch whisky, Ballantine's Hard Fired, using a “bespoke” cask charring process for a different experience within the Ballantine’s family. Ballantine’s Hard Fired is set to appeal to whisky drinkers seeking authenticity and craftsmanship in new Scotch styles.

What makes Ballantine's Hard Fired so unique?

The taste profile of Ballantine’s Hard Fired whisky has been developed through the transformative power of fire. The signature hard firing of the barrels unlocks vanilla notes, hints of smoke and spice and provides a distinctive smoothness, resulting in a characterful and uniquely balanced whisky.

Ballantine’s Hard Fired Unveiled

“ Ballantine’s Hard Fired is a modern, masculine expression that responds to current trends in the whisky market that demand new experiences while enjoying Scotch whisky. ”

Peter Moore, Ballantine’s Global Brand Director

Drawing on his expertise, Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine’s Master Blender, comments: "Ballantine’s Hard Fired showcases the natural and unique results that American oak and fire produce on Scotch whisky. When charred, casks form a natural layer of caramelised wood sugars that react with whisky and a double char understandably intensifies this effect. The result is a smooth, creamy and subtly smoky Scotch whisky with tasting notes of sweet honey, soft red apples and tangy liquorice. This balanced flavour profile results in a premium whisky that sits well within the Ballantine’s family style while offering something new.”Peter Moore, Ballantine’s Global Brand Director

Peter Moore, Ballantine’s Global Brand Director, comments: "Ballantine’s Hard Fired is a natural progression for the brand as we continue to innovate within the Scotch whisky category. The double charring naturally unlocks flavour, creating a whisky that stays true to our philosophy of craftsmanship, authenticity and outstanding flavour.”

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