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Pernod Ricard endeavours to regularly and timely provide all present and future Group shareholders and investors with such relevant information needed to ascertain an understanding of the Group's performance.

General Shareholders' Meeting

An ideal opportunity to meet and discuss with directors, the Annual General Meeting gives shareholders a say in Group decisions. Whether your shares are in registered or bearer form, you can find out how to take part by reading the information below.

General Shareholders' Meeting


The Annual General Meeting is an ideal opportunity for directors and shareholders of Pernod Ricard Group to discuss any issues.
All shareholders, regardless of the number of Pernod Ricard shares that they hold (in registered or bearer form) may take part in the Annual General Meeting.



To find out when the Annual General Meeting will be held:

35 days before the Annual General Meeting: the notice of meeting is published in the BALO (Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires).
  • Meeting agenda,
  • Draft resolutions,
  • Terms of participation.

15 days before the Annual General Meeting: the invitation to the meeting is published in the BALO.
  • Date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting,
  • Agenda
  • Terms of participation.
Those holding registered shares for at least one month prior to the date on which the invitation is published are invited to all Meetings by standard mail.



Conditions of taking part in any Meeting

To take part in the Annual General Meeting, your Pernod Ricard shares must be recorded by the third business day preceding the Annual General Meeting at 00:00 Paris time (hereinafter “D-3”).

  • Holders of registered shares: accounting recognition by D-3 is enough.
  • Holders of bearer shares: you must ask your authorised securities account holder for a certificate of participation. 


If you wish to attend the Annual General Meeting

  • Holders of registered shares: you will be admitted on presentation of an entry card or, failing this, a piece of ID.
  • Holders of bearer shares: you will be admitted on presentation of an entry card obtained from your authorised securities account holder. Failing this, you must be able to identify yourself on the spot by producing a certificate of participation drawn up by your securities account holder, proving your status as a shareholder on D-3.
  • If you wish to vote without attending the Annual General Meeting

    You can:

    • Vote by mail;
    • Give proxy to the Chairman;
    • Appoint a person of your choice as proxy.

Postal voting forms will only be accepted if duly completed and if they reach Société Générale or Pernod Ricard’s registered office at least three days before the Annual General Meeting.

If you have already voted by post, appointed a proxy or requested an entry card, you may no longer choose another means of participation but you can always sell some or all of your shares.