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Pernod Ricard has a large portfolio of premium international and local brands. 36 strategic brands are organized in the House of Brands, prestigious names in which the Group strongly invest and on which it bases its development.

Amaro Ramazzotti

Amaro Ramazzotti

Amaro Ramazzotti is an Italian digestif from the bitters category. 33 different aromatic plants and fruits are used in its making, including sweet oranges, whose taste is the most prominent. Made at Canelli in Piedmont, Amaro Ramazotti is distributed in 3

History and know-how

Ausano Ramazzotti created the formula for Ramazzotti in his small Milan laboratory in 1815. His creation, a sweet, plant-based liqueur, proved an immediate success. The recipe contains neither colouring nor artificial additives and is still secret today. Its most distinctive flavours are the Sicilian sweet oranges, bitter oranges from Curaçao, star anise and cardamom.

Range and Tasting

Amaro Ramazzotti is traditionally enjoyed as a digestif, either straight or over ice to retain all its flavours. The range also includes Sambuca (a digestif liqueur to be enjoyed ‘flambé’ or served with 3 coffee beans); Ramazzotti Menta (an aperitif served straight with a mint leaf or as a long drink); Ramazzotti Aperitivo (a sweet aperitif slightly spiced) and Sambuca Black (an anise liqueur to be enjoyed over ice with liquorice).