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Jameson is the No. 1 selling Irish whiskey in the world, a consistent award winner and a truly global whiskey brand. Loved for its great smooth taste and style, Jameson is sold in over 120 counties worldwide.

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History and know-how

John Jameson established his distillery in Dublin in 1780, determined to create the finest whiskey in the world.


John Jameson established his distillery in Dublin in 1780, determined to create the finest whiskey in the world. Over 230 years later, Jameson continues to be acclaimed all over the world for its exceptionally smooth taste.

The hallmark smoothness comes down to three factors; triple distillation, controlled maturation and masterly blending of the various whiskey components. These were the
key stipulations laid down by John Jameson, and to this day they are passionately adhered to at Midleton Distillery, thus making Jameson the world’s No. 1 Irish Whiskey. It can be enjoyed neat, with ice, or mixed in a long drink or cocktail.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled to deliver twice the smoothness. But there is a little more to this precise craft: it is also about obtaining the perfect balance. First, the balance between the amount of malted and un-malted barley, in order to give a natural barley flavour. But it is also about mastering the proportions of triple distilled Pot Still Whiskeys and triple distilled Grain Whiskeys, in order to deliver exceptional smoothness. And lastly, it is about harmonizing the sweet, nutty flavour from Sherry casks with the toasted wood and vanilla notes from Bourbon casks.

Main markets

United States, Travel Retail, Russia, Ireland, South Africa, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain.



  • Jameson Classic

    JamesonGold Reserve

    Three wood maturation processes featuring virgin oak, for a taste experience that is both opulent and complex.

    Jameson Classic
  • Jameson Select Reserve

    JamesonSelect Reserve

    Rich Pot Still whiskey and a rare small batch grain whiskey, matured in flame-charred black barrels for a rich and luxurious taste.

    Jameson Select Reserve
  • Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve

    JamesonRarest Vintage Reserve

    The ultimate expression of Jameson, crafted from the oldest and rarest whiskeys of the Distillery, non-chilled filtered, with an amount of 46% ABV.

    Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve
  • Jameson Signature Reserve

    JamesonSignature Reserve

    The signature taste and smoothness of Jameson, featuring heather honey sweetness from a sherry cask enriched blend.

    Jameson Signature Reserve
  • Jameson Gold Reserve

    Jameson12 Years Old Special Reserve

    A creative blend of three different aged whiskeys matured for 10 to 20 years in bourbon, sherry and virgin oak barrels, Jameson Gold Reserve reveals some woody, fruity & spicy notes

    Jameson Gold Reserve
  • No.1 Irish whiskey
  • 65% of the Irish whiskey category
  • 4.7 million cases sold worldwide
  • +12% value growth in 2013-14



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