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Allocation of Bonus Shares


1 New Share for every 50 Shares held

Allocation of Bonus Shares

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Pursuant to the delegation of authority granted by the Combined General Meeting of 2 November 2009, the Board of Directors’ meeting held immediately thereafter, decided to increase the share capital of the Company through the capitalisation of reserves and the allocation of bonus shares, on the basis of one (1) free share for fifty (50) shares held.

In application of the authorisation granted to him by the afore-mentioned Board meeting, the Chief Executive Officer decided on 2 November 2009, to increase the share capital by € 8,019,799.20, to be deducted from “share premium”, through the issue of 5,174,064 shares of a par value of € 1.55 each.

As permitted by the regulation, the exercise of options to subscribe for new shares continued until 11 November 2009, being six days prior to the allocation of shares. In addition, the figures approved on 2 November 2009, had to be restated to reflect the new shares resulting from the exercise of options to subscribe for shares.
Following this restatement and in his decision dated 12 November 2009, the Chief Executive Officer set the final number of new shares to be created. The total value of the share capital increase amounts to € 8,019,937.15, through the issue of 5,174,153 new shares, granted free of charge to the shareholders, it being specified that a shareholder waived certain rights so that a whole number of shares could be issued.

The allocation procedure will be initiated on 18 November 2009.

Consequently, the share capital will be increased on 18 November 2009 to € 409,016,862.85, comprising 263,881,847 shares.

These new shares will give right to cash dividends decided or paid on or after their date of issue.



The fractional rights may not be traded. However, the shares corresponding to the fractional rights will be sold which will permit the payment in cash as compensation to the rights holders with effect from 9 December 2009.

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