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Absolut Vodka

ABSOLUT VODKA is the fourth largest international spirit brand in the world, and the Premium vodka market leader, standing out through its strategy of "constant creativity".

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History and know-how

ABSOLUT's history began in the 19th century with the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of one man, Lars Olsson Smith....


ABSOLUT's history began in the 19th century with the extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit of one man, Lars Olsson Smith. In his twenties, he already controlled one-third of vodka sales in Sweden, a country where vodka production is a tradition.
In 1879, L. O. Smith launched his finest creation, "Absolut Rent Bränvin" (an absolutely pure vodka), prepared using a revolutionary distillation process known as continuous distillation. Far from contenting himself with the three or four traditional distillation stages, the Swede decided to apply a continuous distillation process.
Still used today, this unique, thorough method removes impurities from the vodka while retaining the flavour of its ingredients.


ABSOLUT VODKA came about through the simple concept of "One Source", located near Åhus, in Southern Sweden. ABSOLUT VODKA is exclusively made of the local water and winter wheat, and is therefore based on 100% natural ingredients. The water is drawn from a deep well.
In the neighbouring fields, the winter wheat has a unique feature: it is sown in autumn, to be harvested the following autumn. As the year goes by, the wheat grows under Sweden's snow and sun, enabling it to develop a robust bran. This is this combination that gives ABSOLUT VODKA its subtle taste.
The 500,000 bottles of ABSOLUT VODKA produced each day are shipped worldwide from the small port of Åhus. The "One Source" concept also means that ABSOLUT VODKA guarantees the same quality everywhere, from Paris to Hong Kong, New York and any other place in the world.

Main markets

United States, Travel Retail, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico and France


Absolut Vodka

  • Absolut vodka


    ABSOLUT VODKA was launched in Sweden in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith, the man whose portrait is featured on each bottle. Created in 1979, inspired by a Swedish apothecary bottle, the paper-free ABSOLUT bottle was a design innovation.

    Absolut original
  • Absolut Peppar


    In 1986, ABSOLUT VODKA created ABSOLUT PEPPAR, the first 100% natural flavoured vodka. With its notes of jalapeno and green pepper, it is an ideal base for Bloody Mary cocktails.

    Absolut Peppar


    ABSOLUT ELYX is a single batch vodka, made from a single harvest of the highest quality winter wheat, from the single estate of Råbelöf in the Åhus region of Southern Sweden. It has been manually distilled in a copper column still since 1929.

  • Absolut Raspberri


    ABSOLUT RASPBERRI was created in 2004. Its taste is rich and intense, revealing the fresh and fruity character of ripened raspberries.

    Absolut Raspberri
  • Absolut Gräpevine


    ABSOLUT GRÄPEVINE, launched in January 2012, is one of the latest flavours in the ABSOLUT VODKA family. It combines the flavours of white grape, dragon fruit and papaya.

    Absolut Gräpevine
  • N°1 Premium vodka in the world
  • N°5 spirit in the world
  • 11.1 million cases sold worldwide
Absolut Honey

Absolut Honey

"Honey, I’m coming home"
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