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One of the finest Champagne Houses in the world, particularly noted for its Belle Epoque vintage, the world's No.3 prestige vintage. Perrier-Jouët is known for the elegance of its wines. Over two centuries, only 7 Cellar Masters have succeeded one another to perpetuate this legacy.

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History and know-how

Perrier-Jouët is one of the finest Champagne Houses in the world, particularly noted for its Belle Epoque vintage with the famous anemones, the world's No. 3 prestige vintage.


Perrier-Jouët was founded in 1811 by Pierre Nicolas Perrier and Adele Jouët. The combination of their expertise, resulting from tradition, an exceptional vineyard and a labour of love, allows a "House" style to be created with a unique floral tone, which is handed down from one Cellar Master to the next.

Resolutely pioneering, Perrier-Jouët made its first shipment of wines to England in 1815. In 1856, in order to satisfy his British clients, Charles Perrier, who succeeded his father, produced the first "dry" champagne, which resulted in the creation of "Brut" champagne.

In 1888, during an auction at Christie’s, Perrier-Jouët became the most expensive champagne in the world, achieving unprecedented record prices with the legendary Perrier-Jouët 1874.

Passionate about art, the Champagne House was inspired by the work of Emile Gallé, a renowned master of Art Nouveau, and in 1902 entrusted him with the task of creating a unique decoration for its premium magnums. The famous white anemone decoration was then adopted for the well-known Belle Epoque vintage.  


Perrier-Jouët owns 65 hectares of vineyards classified as 99.2% on the échelle des crus classification of champagne vineyards, which means that each of the House’s vineyards is classed almost exclusively as Grands Crus.

An elegant and refined grape variety, floral and feminine, Chardonnay is Perrier-Jouët’s distinctive signature wine.

Only seven Cellar Masters have succeeded one another over two centuries at Perrier-Jouët, each one trained by his master, just as craftsmen hand down the secrets of their art from father to son. The current Cellar Master, Hervé Deschamps, is the guardian of this precious know-how.

Since its inception, Perrier-Jouët has only produced small volumes. Successive Cellar Masters have been able to preserve the House’s historic treasures, such as Perrier-Jouët 1825, the oldest champagne vintage currently in existence.

Main markets

USA, France, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Switzerland, Italy.



  • PERRIER-JOUËT Grand Brut


    Perrier-Jouët is the first Champagne House to have created a dry champagne, which led to the birth of the famous Brut in 1856. A direct descendant of this tradition, the most widely-drunk wine in the world, Grand Brut exemplifies the House style: floral, elegant and chiselled.

    PERRIER-JOUËT Grand Brut
  • PERRIER-JOUËT Blason Rosé

    PERRIER-JOUËTBlason Rosé

    Blason Rosé is the first rosé champagne created by Perrier-Jouët. Its name originates from the “Blason de France” range created in 1956. Blason Rosé is the gourmet wine in the Perrier-Jouët collection, made from a specific blend that confers generosity and spontaneity, while preserving the House style.

    PERRIER-JOUËT Blason Rosé
  • PERRIER-JOUËT Cuvée Belle Époque Millésimé

    PERRIER-JOUËTBelle Époque Millésimé

    It's the most accomplished expression of the Perrier-Jouët style: floral and elegant, reflecting the exceptional quality of the House’s vineyard. Created by Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps, the Cramant and Avize Grand Crus have pride of place.

    PERRIER-JOUËT Cuvée Belle Époque Millésimé
  • PERRIER-JOUËT Cuvée Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs

    PERRIER-JOUËTBelle Époque Blanc de Blancs

    This ultra-premium vintage in the collection is made in years of exceptional harvests, from Chardonnay grapes grown on two legendary vineyards: Bourons Leroy and Bourons du Midi.

    PERRIER-JOUËT Cuvée Belle Époque Blanc de Blancs
  • PERRIER-JOUËT Cuvée Belle Époque Rosé

    PERRIER-JOUËTCuvée Belle Époque Rosé

    The Belle Epoque Rosé vintage is the most delicate and elegant expression of the collection. Blended according to the same production secrets as the Belle Epoque Millésimé vintage, it owes its slightly salmon-pink colour to a small percentage of red wine from the crus de noirs.

    PERRIER-JOUËT Cuvée Belle Époque Rosé
  • No.3 Prestige champagne in the world for Belle Epoque
  • 272 thousands cases sold around the world
  • No.2 Prestige champagne in Japan for Belle Epoque



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