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Ruavieja is Spain’s leading brandy with a market share of 34%. All of Ruavieja’s liqueurs and brandies are distilled from the best-quality grape pomace after vinification in Galicia.

History and know-how

Formed in 1983 by Rodriguez Ovalle and established in Galicia, the Ruavieja Company is a family group that has strong links with the wine business. The founder followed a hundred-year-old tradition of brandy and liqueur production. He based his products on ‘marc’ or grape pomace obtained during winemaking in Galicia.

Range and Tasting

There are five products in the Ruavieja range: a herb liqueur, Licor de Hierbas; a coffee liqueur, Licor de Café; a grape-marc liqueur, Licor de Orujo; a grape-marc brandy, Aguardiente de Orujo; and lastly Pacharan Ruavieja, a sloe-flavoured brandy.

Ruavieja should be enjoyed straight and well-chilled.