Co-leader in the Wines & Spirits sector worldwide, Pernod Ricard has established itself as number one in the Premium segment. It operates through 80 affiliates and has chosen to focus on sustainable growth through a large portfolio of international brands and a high-end strategy, known as Premiumisation.


Created in 1975 in France, Pernod Ricard has rapidly expanded over the past decade, through both organic growth and acquisitions. The Group is now the world co-leader of the Wine & Spirits industry. Our ambition is clear: we want to become number 1 in the industry.

Pierre Pringuet
Capturing leadership means choosing a sustainable growth model: at Pernod Ricard, this strategy is illustrated by the upscaling or ‘Premiumisation’ of our complete portfolio of international brands. The Group also relies on innovation, a major driver of value creation, and on its strong positions in emerging markets.

Being number 1 means firstly being the one who is the driver of the industry’s growth. But it is also a mind-set. It is the mind-set of one who dares to create, to innovate, to change the rules. This is why innovation is at the heart of our strategy. 
Pernod Ricard is well established globally, in particular in emerging markets, which are now key drivers of our growth. We were pioneers in Asia, and we are now leaders in this region, the most dynamic of the sector.

Our 18,000 employees are the principal ambassadors of our Pernod Ricard brand, which is synonymous with a shared attitude: conviviality.

Pierre Pringuet, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer