Pernod Ricard is the world’s leader in the Premium spirits industry. It operates in more than 85 affiliates and 100 production sites. Pernod Ricard has chosen to focus on sustainable growth through a large portfolio of international brands and a high-end strategy, known as Premiumisation.


In 2015, Pernod Ricard celebrates its 40th anniversary. Since it was created, the Group has experienced ongoing growth and has significantly accelerated its development in the last ten years through major acquisitions. Today, Pernod Ricard is the world’s co-leader in the Wines and Spirits industry. Our ambition is clear – we want to become number 1 in the industry.

Alexandre Ricard

In order to conquer leadership, we have opted for a sustainable growth model based on decentralized organization, which is unique in our industry, a portfolio premium brands, the most comprehensive in our sector, and a three-lever strategy: 

  • Ongoing innovation, which allows us to quickly adapt to changes in trends, new consumer expectations, and new consumption moments. Digital transformation is one of its main axes, as digital technologies allow us to better understand our consumers, directly interact with them without the need for middlemen, and put forward customized offers for them, namely through e-commerce opportunities.
  • Geographic expansion: with over 85 affiliates of its own, the Group distributes its products itself. Our world presence allows us to make the most of all growth engines, notably in emerging countries. Pioneers in Asia, we are now one of the major actors in the region, and we have just launched a new development phase in Sub Saharan Africa, where the population will have doubled by 2050. This balanced geographic presence allows us to keep growing, also in those markets which are subject to temporary difficulty.
  • And last, as part of our upgrade strategy in our portfolio of international brands, called “Premiumization”, the upscale sector remains to be conquered, namely the luxury segment.

Finally, our model is based on a very strong corporate culture. Our 18,000 employees are the first brand ambassadors of Pernod Ricard and embody the company’s motto “créateurs de convivialité”. Our values, entrepreneurship, mutual confidence, and sense of ethics keep driving our activity every day.

Alexandre Ricard
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer