Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is the world’s leader in the Premium spirits industry. It operates in more than 85 affiliates and 100 production sites. Pernod Ricard has chosen to focus on sustainable growth through a large portfolio of international brands and a high-end strategy, known as Premiumisation.

Pregnant women

Alcohol consumption puts the unborn child at significant risk throughout pregnancy. This is why Pernod Ricard endeavours to keep women informed and aware of the risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Pregnant women


Most women and those around them realise the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. However, some still think there is no harm in drinking occasionally or in small amounts. No current data is available to define a level of drinking that is safe for unborn children.
As a precaution, health authorities advise pregnant women not to drink alcohol, even in small amounts.

Pernod Ricard supports the advice of doctors and public health authorities for pregnant women to avoid alcohol totally throughout their pregnancy. This applies to any form of drinking, whether regular, occasional or even at celebrations.




In 2005, the French parliament passed an amendment aimed at informing pregnant women of the dangers of drinking alcohol via appropriate labelling – the pregnant woman symbol, which must appear on the labels of alcoholic drinks sold in France.

Pernod Ricard goes a step further, printing this symbol on all products marketed in the 27 European Union countries. The symbol is gradually being rolled out to other countries such as Australia.

In 2013, following the announcement of the 5 industry commitments to reduce harful use of alcohol, Pernod Ricard took a step further and decided to include this logo on all bottles distributed by Pernod Ricard worldwide.
Pernod Ricard Deutschland, a pioneering subsidiary

By displaying the symbol warning against drinking during pregnancy on the labelling of its products, Pernod Ricard Deutschland has earned the recognition of German public authorities. However, its campaigning does not end there.



Informing people of the dangers of drinking while pregnant is a priority for Pernod Ricard.

In France, the Group supports the work of the IREB ("Institut de recherches scientifiques sur les boissons") and the "Entreprise et Prévention" organisation through initiatives taken by health authorities and local government.

“Not even a drop”
Since 2008, Pernod Ricard has been supporting the “Not even a drop” operation carried out by Entreprise et Prévention and aimed at future parents and doctors.  This seeks to facilitate communications between doctors and their patients on the basis of a simple recommendation: complete abstinence during pregnancy.
Several documents are provided, for example:

  • a public leaflet entitled « Can I have a celebratory drink? » which tackles questions that future parents may have,
  • a booklet entitled  « Lets talk about alcohol and pregnancy » , which tells doctors about foetal alcohol syndrome and suggests ways of bringing it up during a consultation,
  • a notice, which spreads the message in waiting rooms and can lead patients to ask questions