This is our Manifesto

Good Times from a Good Place
We are Créateurs de Convivialité. True to our founding spirit, we’ve been bringing people together, inviting them to share authentic experiences and making new friends every day through our world-class portfolio of premium wines and spirits.
We are passionate hosts - a family of exceptional people who are committing to fighting alcohol misuse and creating a better way to live and work together to bring good times today and for generations to come.  
We are respectful guests who care for and strive to protect and nurture the terroirs and environments we live in. We partner with local farmers and respect local communities to benefit our planet, our consumers and our business.
We bring good times from a good place, to create a more convivial world, a world without excess.

Our Smart Barometer

During the 5 years of the IARD’s five industry commitments that our affiliates pledged to meet, they used the Smart Barometer to monitor progress and share best practices. Check it out to see some of these examples on how to ensure we are committed to promoting responsible drinking.

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Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2003


Wise Drinking App


Pernod Ricard publicly announced its support of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030